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        We believe in the wellness and betterment of our patrons and incorporate several factions of holistic healing. At Beacon Wellness Grp. your health is our primary focus, where we provide a safe, relaxing environment and strive to help our patrons achieve overall health and wellbeing. Always available will be a list of reputable providers known to us.  We offer our patients reasonable access to a variety of different strains of medication and edibles.

        Please call for more information or to arrange an appointment. 970-565-9577

        Why Use Marijuana?

        Many people of hundreds of disease types have claimed to find therapeutic benefit to its use. In the past few decades the medical and scientific communities have discovered numerous mechanisms by which the components of marijuana can both alleviate and cure certain diseases. The American College of Physicians the nations second largest collaborative of medical doctors, published a formal 13 page statement whereby they claim: "Evidence not only supports the use of medical marijuana in certain conditions but also suggests numerous indications for cannabinoids. Additional research is needed to further clarify the therapeutic value of cannabinoids, and determine optimal routes of administration. The science on medical marijuana should not be obscured or hindered by the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana for general use."

        Marijuana is a complex mixture of literally hundreds of chemicals, dozens of which have been identified to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, stimulatory, depressant, and anti-depressant activities. Again, the author's emphasize the need for dispensaries to use consistent growing parameters and dispensing effectively thus minimize harmful side effects.

        Despite fears of federal prosecution, patients continue to use medical marijuana to alleviate their conditions. For some patients, discovery of marijuana's therapeutic use came from recreational experiences with the plant while experiencing pain, nausea, or some other condition that caused discomfort. For others, they tried numerous FDA approved pharmaceuticals and either did not find satisfactory results or could not bear the side effects. Individual patients often describe similar undesirable side effects from their pharmaceutical medications. In a macroscopic analysis, these complaints represent but a very small fraction of an overwhelming epidemic plaguing our nation's medical industry.

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